SurfaceAide XL

SurfaceAide® XL


surfaceaide product shot SurfaceAide XLSurfaceAide® XL delivers the durability and affordability you need to protect vital surfaces from the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi 24/7 for up to 90 days.

  • Promotes the reduction of bacteria, mold, and fungi on surfaces.
  • Generates an environmentally friendly, non-leaching antimicrobial barrier on surfaces that is non-toxic, and non-sensitizing to human skin.
  • One application proactively and continually fights the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi on surfaces for up to 90 days.
  • Proactively and continually prevents odor, staining and deterioration caused by bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew.
  • Can be easily applied without affecting day-to-day operations.
  • Invisible, odorless and will not affect the appearance or performance of treated surfaces.
  • Will not create adaptive organisms or “super bugs”.

*Using SurfaceAide® XL

Step 1: Clean and Disinfect Surface

  • Prior to the application of the SurfaceAide® XL, all surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned to remove gross dirt, debris, and build-up.
  • If necessary, use a soft bristle broom, brush, no-lint wash rags, microfiber dust pad, and vacuum cleaner to prepare the surfaces.
  • Before the selected surfaces are treated with SurfaceAide® XL, surfaces must be thoroughly disinfected using SurfaceClean™ or a comparable disinfecting product.
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Step 2: Apply SurfaceAide® XL

After all surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, apply SurfaceAide® XL using one of the application methods described below:
Option 1: Hand-held Spray Bottles (32 oz) Use: Tables, beds, chairs, fitness equipment, benches, lockers, etc

  • Adjust spray nozzle to the lightest mist spray setting that will provide an even coating.
  • Spray surfaces using a side to side motion or up and down motion to ensure an even coating is applied.
  • Allow the spray to dry for at least three (3) minutes then wipe down the sprayed surfaces using a no-lint rag to remove any excessive spray and to ensure all surfaces have been thoroughly treated.

Option 2: Bucket-less Mop/Pad Use: Mats, floor surfaces, etc.

  • Ensure the bucket-less mop tank is clean prior to use.
  • Fill the mop tank to the desired level to accommodate surfaces to be treated. Do not add water or other cleaning agents.
  • Place a clean pad on the frame of the mop unit.
  • Keep the pad soaked at all times but not dripping.
  • Mop the surfaces in a straight line working from one end to the other with a slight overlap.
  • Check the condition of the pad on a regular basis. Replace pad if it becomes significantly dirty.
  • Mop surface to leave a consistent light coat on all surfaces ensuring no areas are left untreated.
  • Allow surfaces to fully cure until dry.

Option 3: Pump Sprayer

  • Ensure the pump sprayer tank and hose is clean prior to use.
  • Fill pump sprayer tank to the level required for treating surfaces (16 oz. for every 200 square feet). Do not add water or other cleaning agents.
  • Adjust spray nozzle to the lightest mist spray setting that will provide an even coating.
  • Spray surfaces using a side to side motion or up and down motion ensuring all surfaces have an even coating.
  • Allow the spray to cure for at least three minutes then wipe down the sprayed surfaces using a no-lint rag to remove any excessive spray and to ensure all surfaces have been thoroughly treated.
  • When treating carpets, adjust the spray to allow proper wetting of the carpet. Apply as described above and let carpet dry.

Use: Large surface areas to be treated at one time, such as multiple tables, fitness equipment, benches, lockers, carpet etc.

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Step 3: Surface Drying

SurfaceAide® XL must dry and cure on the surface before it can start providing antimicrobial protection. Allow 6-8 hours before resuming normal use of the treated surface. SurfaceAide® XL will not be negatively affected by the use of commercial cleaners or disinfection practices.

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SurfaceAide XL Usage Guidelines

SurfaceAide XL is available in the following sizes: 32 ounces, 1 gallon, 5 gallons, 55 gallons and 320 gallons. Refer to the usage guidelines chart below to help best determine the amount of SurfaceAide® XL that will best meet your specific needs.

Square Feet Treated SurfaceAide® XL in gallons
1,500 1
7,500 5
82,500 55
480,000 320


Q: What can I apply SurfaceAide XL to?
A: SurfaceAide XL can be applied to any hard. It’s ideal for high-touch surfaces or areas that are susceptible to the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi.  It can be applied to porous surfaces; however it will require more product.
Q: What happens if I treat a toy or desktop with SurfaceAide XL and a child licks it or puts it in his/her mouth?
A: SurfaceAide XL creates a non-toxic coating on surfaces that will not harm anyone if licked or chewed on.
Q: If I can’t afford to treat every inch of my building or house with SurfaceAide XL is it even worth doing?
A: Absolutely! We recommend SurfaceAide XL be applied to high-volume touch point, such as desks or door knobs, and areas that are more susceptible to the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi, such as a damp room.
Q: After treating a surface with SurfaceAide XL, do I still have to clean the surface regularly?
A: Yes. SurfaceAide XL creates an antimicrobial coating on surface that continually inhibits the growth of awide range of microbial contaminants for three months. However, you should still clean and disinfect the surface as you normally do to further enhance the effectiveness of SurfaceAide® XL and maintain surface hygiene.
Q: Will bleach or other harsh cleaning chemicals ruin the antimicrobial coating created by SurfaceAide XL?
A: No. While we recommend using the cleaner disinfectant SurfaceClean™ for normal maintenance cleaning, other cleaners or sanitizers will not affect SurfaceAide XL’s Antimicrobial barrier.
Q: You say that SurfaceAide XL creates an environmentally friendly, non-toxic antimicrobial barrier on surfaces. What does this really mean?
A: The antimicrobial coating created by SurfaceAide XL is considered the world’s most environmentally friendly because it does need to leach off the surface to destroy the cell wall of microorganisms like bacteria or mold. Other non-toxic antimicrobial products must leach off the surfaces to work in order to poison cells with heavy metals such as silver or copper. Each time leaching antimicrobials poison a cell, a small amount of that metal comes off and remains on the surface and enters the environment. This leaching/non-leaching comparison also explains why SurfaceAide XL lasts longer and performs better than other long-lasting antimicrobial products.

Q:  How can I become a distributor?


A:  If you are a warehouse distributor and are interested in becoming a distributor of our antimicrobial products, we have an experienced team dedicated to supporting our qualified distribution partners with:

  • Product training.
  • Industry leading, customized marketing collateral.
  • Extensive professional support

Coating Specialists welcomes all qualified warehouse distributors seeking to add our family of antimicrobial products to their selection of quality products.  For information on becoming a warehouse distributor, or to locate a distributor near you, please contact the rep in your area:

Kevin Sullivan – 815-790-5454 - Midwest

Mike Peters – 425-351-5468 – Northwest & West Coast

Q:  I would like to private label SurfaceAide XL, what steps are involved ?

A:  Private labeling, or Sub-Registering,  EPA registered chemicals can be extremely complicated as well as costly.  Unless you are well versed, have extensive experience in this field we most likely would discourage you from moving in this direction. Back To Top