Coating Specialists is one of the world’s largest providers of safe, affordable and long-lasting antimicrobial products that are easily applied to any surface or fabric. Its water based, non-toxic antimicrobial treatments are used to continually minimize the presence of harmful microbial contaminants in a variety of industries, including: health care, sports, education, hospitality, education, military and at home.

Health Care

market 1 Markets-IV stands
-Instrument trays
-Chart holders
-X-ray tables
-Exam tables
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Sports And Fitness

market 2 Markets“We want to continue to take an aggressive approach in protecting our players. “We are fortunate to have an owner in Dan Snyder who believes in taking the necessary steps to be proactive against MRSA infections. Based on the success we had with this treatment in the past, the Redskins believe SurfaceAide has played an integral role in the prevention of MRSA infections.”
- John Burrell, Head Athletic Trainer Washington Redskins

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market 3 Markets“All of our RecSports student activities require equipment which can be shared among participants. In order to manage the risk that equipment sharing presents. We implemented the use of SurfaceAide XL antimicrobial technology in our boxing equipment which includes gloves, headgear and robes. We hope to expand the use of SurfacecAide XL to other RecSports equipment such as helmets, pads and gloves. The Coating Specialists representatives have been very attentive to our needs with regular follow up and personal demonstrations of the products.”
-Jennifer Phillips, Assistant Director of Recreation

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market 4 MarketsWe use SurfaceAide XL and other Coating Specialists products because being proactive in the prevention of possible infections for our soldiers and their families is a responsibility we take very seriously.
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market 5 MarketsThere are so many overt things we do to make our guests movie-going experience as enjoyable as possible. You can’t necessarily see SurfaceAide XL proactively and continually working to stop the growth of bacteria, but we are certain our customers will enjoy the added level of cleanliness.
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At Home

market 6 MarketsIt’s impossible to constantly protect your family from microbes like bacteria and mold, but you can continually protect the surfaces and fabrics they touch. SurfaceAide® XL and FabricAide® make it simple and safe to fight the growth of harmful bacteria, mold and fungi 24/7 on the surfaces and fabrics in your home. Our products have been used to create antimicrobial barriers everywhere the dugouts of Yankee Stadium to the napping mats at hundreds of pre-schools across America. Call or e-mail us today and find out how easily you can do the same in your home.
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Janitorial Sanitation

market 7 MarketsAdd value to your janitorial sanitation services by offering Coating Specialists innovative antimicrobial products and services. Your customers will appreciate the proactive and continuous prevention of odor that only our unique antimicrobial products can provide. Perhaps even more importantly though they will WANT a comprehensive solution to illness-causing bacteria and mold that can thrive on surfaces and fabrics throughout a facility.
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Mold Remediation

market 8 MarketsAfter the flood waters have receded and the clean-up process has begun, it’s time to integrate the high-performance antimicrobial power of SurfaceAide® XL into your mold remediation process. Effective against a broad spectrum of mold, bacteria and algae, SurfaceAide® XL gives you the ability to offer your customers another proactive defense against the growth of mold on surfaces. SurfaceAide® XL is available in retail and commercial sized quantities, so no matter the scale of the mold remediation project we can meet your needs. Contact us today to start using SurfaceAide® XL antimicrobial technology to enhance the effectiveness of your mold remediation process.
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market 9 MarketsWhether it’s minimizing the presence of bacteria on high-volume touch points in a mass transit vehicle or proactively preventing the smell of mildew that can permeate the cabin of a boat, the antimicrobial barrier created by Coating Specialists products can be easily incorporated into any airplane, boat, train or automobile.
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