Antimicrobial Coating Products

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Water Based Antimicrobial Products

assembly line Antimicrobial Coating ProductsOur antimicrobial products have a long history of successful use on virtually any surface or fabric imaginable. Our products have been used to create antimicrobial barriers everywhere from the dugouts of Yankee Stadium to the napping mats at hundreds of elementary schools across America. Coating Specialists LLC counts the U.S. Military, New York Yankees and University of Notre Dame among its thousands of customers that trust SurfaceAide® XL, FabricAide® or TurfD® to continually protect vital surfaces and fabrics from the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi for months.

Non-Leaching Antimicrobial Products

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SurfaceAide XL delivers the durability, safety and affordability you need to protect vital surfaces from the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi 24/7 for up to three months.
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Non-Toxic Antimicrobial Products

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From the uniforms you go to work in, to the soft, soothing blankets you lay your children down to sleep with, fabrics meet basic human needs and provide some of the most precious comforts of life. FabricAide® helps protect all the washable fabrics that touch your life. Harmful microbial contaminants like fabric bacteria can survive for weeks on fabrics, allowing it to transfer to other objects or people.
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Safe Antimicrobial Products

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Defend your synthetic turf system from the growth of damaging bacteria, mold, mildew and algae with TurfD®—the only antimicrobial product/ mold disinfectant in the world designed and tested specifically for use on synthetic turf. Microbial contaminants can affect the aesthetics and functionality of synthetic turf systems, causing staining, musty odors, restricted drainage routes, slippery algae growth and even black mold growth.
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Long-Lasting Antimicrobial Products

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Designed for use prior to the application of Coating Specialists’ long-lasting antimicrobial products, SurfaceClean™ is hospital-grade facility cleaner disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on surfaces. SurfaceClean™ enhances the effectiveness of our antimicrobial coatings by properly preparing surfaces for antimicrobial treatment, while it is also recommended for regular maintenance cleaning.
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